Benzene 40/65 with certificate of analysis DAB

(DAB = german pharmacopoeia)

Synonyms: Petroleum ether, petrol ether, petroleum benzene with certificate of analysis DAB (DAB = german pharmacopoeia)

With every delivery of benzene, you will receive a certificate of analysis referring to the current charge.
The packages  of benzene are provided with an analogue term of charge, too.

The following trading units are available for benzene:

  • cardboard box of 10 x 1 l tin bottles of benzene
  • 10 l tin cans of benzene
  • 25 l steel barrel of benzene
  • 200 l steel barrel of benzene

Please ask for the current price of benzene!

We only use packages that contain no synthetic material.
Even smidgens of synthetic materials that come in contact with benzenes may derogate the quality of the product.
We strongly recommend - when decanting, too - to avoid cans of synthetic material or with synthetic components to fill benzene in.

Benzene generates pressure even under low temperature, therefore plastic closings should be avoided, too.
There's a risk that the pressure inside opens the can and the Benzene leaks.

When opening the can please keep in mind the vessel might be under internal pressure.
So please open it carefully and slowly to let the pressure leak from it.