With every delivery of isopropanol you will receive a certificate of analysis referring to the current charge.
Even the packagings of isopropanol are provided with an analogue term of charge.

Scope of application:
Nail cleanser, laboratory, pathology, disinfection, cleanser, producing of pharmaceuticals and cleansers, manufacturing of cosmetics/colours, degreasing, anti-freeze


Isopropanol is available in any desired concentration. Often customers want to have a 70% solution of isopropanol cause the disinfectant effects are the best with a 70%-80% solution of isopropanol.

On demand we add as well dyes and/or fragrances.
A fragrance of oranges is available at any time, for example

The following trading units for isopropyl alcohol are available seperately or palettewise:

  • cardboard box with 12 x 1 l PE flat-sided bottles each of isopropyl alcohol
    36 cardboard boxes min. on palettes
    There are different caps available:

    • with or without dispensing-insert
    • childproof with dispensing-insert
  • 2.5 l-PE canisters (2 canisters purchase min.) of isopropyl alcohol
    50/100/150/200 canisters on a palette

  • in cardboard boxes of 4 x 2.5 l-PE-canisters of isopropyl alcohol each
    16/36 cardboard boxes on a palette

  • 5 l-PE-canisters of isopropyl alcohol
    32/64/96/128 on a palette

  • in cardboard boxes of 4 x 5 l-PE-canisters of isopropyl alcohol each
    6/12/18/24/30 cardboard boxes on a palette

  • 10 l-PE-canisters of isopropyl alcohol
    20/40/60 canisters on a palette

  • 25 l-PE-canisters of isopropyl alcohol
    12/24 canisters on a palette

  • 30 l-PE-canisters of isopropyl alcohol
    9/18 canisters on a palette

  • 200 l steel drum of isopropyl alcohol

  • 1000 l IBC (international bulk container) of isopropyl alcohol

Please ask for the current price of isopropyl alcohol!