Due to the provisions of law, it is not possible to import Ethanol 410/510 to the United Kingdom!

Ethanol 410, pure, ca. 96% vol, comes with a certificate of analysis (PharmEur) referring to the current charge.

Usage: fabrication of pharmaceuticals, potable spirits, laboratory and the like.

Ethanol 410 is available as tax-paid tax-free product (delivery only within Germany) which refers to the intended use and the authorization of your chief customer office.

The minimum purchase of taxed alcohol is 5 l; of tax free alcohol 25 l.
We charge only the pure alcohol quantity, not the water the alcohol contains.


Forethanol 410 we only use packagingss that are suitable.
All our packagings are licensed to contain flammable liquids and accordingly marked.

The following trading units are available forethanol 410 :

tin packagings:
card board boxes of 10 x 1 l
canisters of 5l / 6 l / 10 l / 30 l
steel drums of 25 l oder 200 l

polyethylene packagings:
card board boxes of12 x 1 l or 24 x 1 l
canisters of 2500 ml (min order 2 pcs) / 5 l / 10 l / 20 l / 25 l / 30 l

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) of 1000 l

On your request we fill
ethanol 410 in polyethylene cans either but in that case we cannot guarantuee the analogy of pharmacopoeia.

Please ask for the current price of ethanol 410!