This alcohol (ethanol) is completely denatured and therefore as well available in the United Kingdom.

We are using exclusively ethanol made from agricultural products, that is why it is called Bioethanol or Bioalcohol.

The concentration of alcohol referring to standard methylated spirits is 94.3 % vol.
There are mostly inferior alcohol qualities or recycled alcohol used to produce this.
This might cause side effects as for example awkward smell or residues when using or burning the product.

For our bio fuel B95 we are using only the best quality that is allowed by law - alcohol of secondary quality.
The denaturing agents (1% of methyl ethyl ketone and 10 ppm denatonium benzoate) containing in these products are statutory and unavoidable.

The following variants are available:

  • Ethanol B95: 95 % vol min., denatured with 1% of methyle ethyle ketone and 10 ppm denatonium benzoate

Completely denatured alcohol/methylated spirits can be used numerously, e. g.:

  • antifreeze agent and cleanser for windscreen washing systems
  • solvent and cleanser for workshops and hobbyists
  • fuel for spirit stoves as well as for
  • ethanol fireplaces

The following trading units are available:

  • cardboard box of 12 x 1 l flat sided bottles of polyethylene (PE)

    16 cardboard boxes on euro palette, 36 cardboard boxes on one way palette

    You may choose between different caps:

    • with or without dispensing-insert
    • child prooved with or without dispensing-insert
  • 2,5 l-PE-cans (minimum purchase: 2 cans)

    50/100/150/200 cans on euro palette

  • cardboard boxes of 4 x 2,5 l-PE-cans

    ab 16 cardboard boxes on euro palette, 36 cardboard boxes on one way palette

  • 5 l-PE-cans

    32/64/96 or 128 cans euro palette

  • cardboard boxes of 4 x 5 l-PE-cans

    6/12/18/24/30 cardboard boxes on euro palette

  • 10 l-PE-cans

    20/40/60 cans on euro palette

  • 30 l-PE-cans

    9/18 cans on euro palette

  • 200 l steel drum

    1000 l IBC (international bulk container)

Please ask for the current prices!