... with mounting a spigot

That's a spigotĀ  for the use

with our 200 l barrels


To mount a spigot on a barrel that little
bung hole has to be opened.
This is done best with a bung wrench.
If you don't have a bung wrench it's
possible to use pliers (view picture).

Spread out the pliers, untwist the

cap and move it off

open barrel

Now the thread has to be wrapped with a
sealing strip (available only together with
a spigot) to mount the spigot leak proofed.
Now the spigot has to be put in the bung hole... tap wound in
... and screwed in - ready!
You can put the barrel - a bit raised - on
a platform or pallets, using wedges or
squared timbers to make sure the barrel
cannot roll away.
Now the liquid can be taken comfortably.

Before laying down the barrel make sure the spigot is closed to avoid leakage!