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Ethanol 410 Ethanol 430
Ethanol 510 Ethanol 611
Ethanol 641 Ethanol 642
Ethanol B95 Benzine 100/140
Isopropanol Isopropanol 70%
Methanole Xylole/Xylene
Acetone Benzine 40/65

lever cap ring wrench
bung wrench

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for usage with fire places that run with bioethanol/biofuel
manufacturing of potable spirits or liquors
pharmaceutical purposes
pharmaceutical purposes/external use
cleaning purposes dissolver
disinfection laboratory equipment
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cardboard box(es) of 10 x 1 l tin bottles each
cardboard box(es) of 12 x 1 l flatsided bottles each (polyethylene)
cardboard box(es) of 4 x 2.5 l canisters each (polyethylene)
cardboard box(es) of 2 x 5 l canisters each (polyethylene)
cardboard box(es) of 4 x 5 l canisters each (polyethylene)
cardboard box(es) of 2 x 10 l canisters each (polyethylene)
5 l-canister(s) (polyethylene)
6 l-canister(s) (tin cans only!)
10 l-canister(s) (polyethylene)
20 l-canister(s) (polyethylene)
25 l-canister(s) (polyethylene)
30 l-canister(s) (polyethylene)
25 l barrel(s)
200 l barrel(s)
1000 l-IBC(s)

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