About us

August Kost, the company founder


The history of Karl-Josef Kost Alkohole & Produkte aus Alkohol KG is closely connected to the history of the city of Koblenz. Founded 1883 by August Kost and in family property since then the company developed an increasing product range during the years.

In 1883 the company building was situated directly on the riverbank of the river Moselle and was mainly busy with stock turnover from ship to land, wholesale and the forwarding of these goods. Alcohol distribution was only a very small part of the company. Until the monopoly on alcohol came to its end in 2000 the purchase of alcohol happened on behalf of the Federal Monopoly Administration for Spirits. Alcohol that is liable to duty on spirits were stored in a bonded shed so alcohol only was coming in or going out in presence of a customers officer.

World War II destroyed most of the Old Town of Koblenz and thus the premises of the company as well.

After war ended the company was rebuild in the new harobur on the river Rhine. The main focus again was on stock turnover from ship to land. This included the wholesale of goods as well as the purchase of alcohol. At that time the brothers Karl-Josef sen. and Wolfgang Kost ran the company together.

In the beginning of the 1970's the brothers parted the company in two different companies: While Karl-Josef Kost sen. was continuing the purchase of alcohol his brother Wolfgang was responsible now for the conveyance.
Karl-Josef Kost sen. built new premises in Koblenz Moselweiss which were only used for the purchase of alcohol.

In the beginning of the 19880's a new focus was set as the meaning of alcohol in pharmaceutical realm increased more and more. Karl-Josef Kost Alkohole & Produkte aus Alkohol KG is one of only a few companies in Germany that has an admission for a wholesale of pharmaceuticals - in this case we are talking about pure alcohol (ethnanol), isopropyl alcohol and petroleum ether.

After Karl-Josef Kost sen. died his son Karl-Josef Kost jun. took over the company. Under his management the company Karl-Josef Kost Karl-Josef Kost jun.Alkohole & Produkte aus Alkohol KG specialized additionally on the production of alcoholic mixtures and concentrations.
This contains as well and in first line the creation of alcoholic concentrations on customer's desire.

The manufacturing facility of Karl-Josef Kost Alkohole & Produkte aus Alkohol KG were upgraded and capacities of production and storage clearly increased. After opening of the monopoly of alcohol the bonded shed was opened as well and turned into an open spirits warehouse. So no customers officer had to be present when alcohol was stored or taken. Additionally technical equipment and machines were built to be able to fill 2.5 l and 5l packagings automatically.
In 2009 the company was changed into a limited partnership.

In the course of upgrading and extension of Karl-Josef Kost Alkohole & Produkte aus Alkohol KG the radius of purchase expanded as well. Was the distribution in former times limited to Koblenz and a few selected places in Germany now a website was created and Karl-Josef Kost Alkohole & Produkte aus Alkohol KG got more and more customers from all over Germany and even all over the European Community.
They all benefit from the know-how and the first class quality of Karl-Josef Kost Alkohole & Produkte aus Alkohol KG